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I was very surprised by what Imke did to me - as a person...

I've always thought that spirituality and healing was something like a crystal ball, and it honestly wasn't something I needed.

Imke was my client and after I had to thoroughly understand her business, (in order to create her visual identity and branding, I discovered that what she does had nothing to do with predictions or coincidences.

After several talks about what exactly she can help with, I would also like to try some sessions.

Imke showed me the problems, challenges or tasks that appear during everyday life for me, from a new angle.

Now what if you see your challenge this way - what do you choose?, or, how much does it annoy you now?

I am simply now able to reprogram myself to make the choices that make me happiest. It's absolutely crazy when I think about it - and yet so simple.

No house pocus.

I am one of those types who can spend a lot of time reducing my irritation over situations. Especially the ones that are a bit out of my hands.

"Why is this happening right now..." and "It's typical that..."

Maybe you know to experience a lot of resistance during the day, too.

What if you could see it in a way so that instead you are allowed to think before you just do something?

Imke has shown me some really interesting ways of looking at everyday problems or major decisions.

It's a huge difference in how happy I am with the decisions I make now.

How blind (or ignorant) can you be - and that is probably also why you don't make the decisions you should - the ones that are best in the long run.

• How I assess whether something is GO or NO-GO.

• How I take a step up the ladder, to go towards what I deeply desire.

• How I have suddenly turned irritation to petrol.

I had no idea that I could get anything out of consultations with Imke.

I don't think there was anything in my life that really needed to be improved - not in that way anyway.

Because if there were problems, it wasn't me who was mad about it either - it was from the outside.

Today, as a person, I am FULL of confidence in myself.

I am sure that I make the right choices, at the right time.

And the best part is that if I change my mind (which is legal to that extent), it's not because I failed.

I feel like I just had to do some practice before I figured out what I wanted the most.

A bit like trying on several pairs of pants before you decide what fits best :)

I feel that I have been given tools that make me much more confident in myself

Far less regretful, sad or mad - and especially this is really valuable in my everyday life.

And then I almost always go to bed with a grateful and satisfied feeling.

I think that is worth GOLD - or rather, worth LIFE.

— Louise

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