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Let go of old energetic ballast and make room for a brighter reality!

Healing with the Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code method can be an effective piece of energy work. With the help of the Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code, you can release old thought patterns, beliefs and unconscious programming, so that after a few treatments you can feel freer and happier.

In all three methods, old "emotional ballast", often founded in our childhood and youth, is brought up from your subconscious into your consciousness, from where it eventually escapes from your energy field. Your emotions and unconscious beliefs that no longer benefit you are "cleaned out", so to speak. These emotions and unconscious beliefs are energy frequencies that affect not only the person carrying them, but also the person you show them to. With Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code healing, the heavy energies can be allowed to escape and new and lighter energies find their place. People who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and other conditions of lack of energy and physical imbalances may find that the symptoms diminish, even disappear in some cases.

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The method is gentle and intuitive. The Emotion Code was developed by the American chiropractor and holistic doctor, Dr. Bradley Nelson. He researched the reason why some forms of physical and mental disorders cannot always be permanently cured. Through his studies, Dr. Nelson found that stuck emotions can often be one of the reasons why the body has difficulty getting back into balance. In connection with his studies about the importance of stuck emotions for our physical and psychological well-being, Dr. Nelson also found that particularly intense emotions, which cause a feeling of heartbreak or a broken heart, can cause the unconscious part of the psyche to form a protective armor around our heart. This phenomenon denotes Dr. Bradley Nelson as a heart wall. Such a heart wall is the perfect energetic protection of your core, i.e. your heart, against dangers. Conversely, heart walls can also prevent us from living life to the fullest. They can make us feel left out in group contexts, or like we're not really able to connect with our fellow humans, but instead feel "disconnected" from others. The heart wall can block us from experiencing love and happiness. A release of stuck emotions in one's heart wall using Emotion Code healing gives us the opportunity to restore the feeling of cohesion and to be able to follow the path of our heart. Are you curious to read more? Then you can read what the inventor of this form of healing, Dr. Bradley Nelson writes on his website Discover Healing: In addition, Dr. Nelson also published a book called The Emotion Code or Emotionskoden in Danish. In this book he explains everything about the Emotion Code healing method and its benefits.

Body Code is an energy healing method which aims to track down the unconscious imbalances and blockages in your body which can cause a number of physical and mental health problems. It has been found that most physical and mental ailments, whether coughs, headaches, sadness, anxiety, allergies, chronic pain or digestive problems, can be caused by imbalances in one or more of the following categories: Energies - such as trapped emotions Toxins – chemicals, drugs, pesticides, etc Circuits – such as meridians and chakras Pathogens – such as parasites, viral and bacterial infections Structural – misaligned bones, nerves, muscles, organs and glands Nutrition and lifestyle – such as food/vitamin/mineral deficiencies, dehydration, exercise and sleep The Body Code method helps us uncover the root causes of discomfort, illness and suffering in body and mind. Once we have found the original cause of the imbalance, it can be resolved by using healing with a magnet - just like with the Emotion Code method. In this way, old, negative energy that has caused discomfort and suffering is dissolved and new and better energy can find a place in the client's system. These releases will often not only bring relief in relation to physical and mental imbalances, but you will most often also find that you become more connected to your true self, feel to a greater degree who you are at your core and what you want in life, as well as what is no longer true for you. When you clear out your emotional baggage, you will often feel happier and more at peace than ever before. The Body Code method therefore not only supports the physical and mental healing, but to a large extent also the client's personal development.

In November 2023, Dr. launched Nelson the 3rd and so far most in-depth part of his energy healing system – Belief Code The Belief Code method is a transformative energy healing tool that expands on the basic principles introduced in the Emotion Code and Body Code systems. The Belief Code method is also used to track down negative beliefs stored well hidden in the client's subconscious, just like the Emotion Code and the Body Code. The same theory applies here too, that negative beliefs act as filters that influence how we see the world and how we act in it. The Belief Code method aims to track down these negative programs, limiting beliefs and erroneous core beliefs which may be the causes of the client's physical and mental imbalances. Once these belief systems have become clear they will be released via energy healing. The client will often feel that there are fewer or less pronounced symptoms, renewed energy and momentum in life. The Belief Code system contains seven main categories, each with subcategories and cascading lists of negative and positive beliefs. Using this streamlined system and muscle testing, the subconscious beliefs are found. Healing with the help of a magnet releases the unwanted beliefs and thereby allows the client to create space for new and more beneficial beliefs. Dr. Bradley Nelson describes the Belief Code method in more detail as follows: ” Our conscious beliefs are things that we want to believe we have control over. However, sometimes our subconscious beliefs do not match the desired thoughts. For example, we might work on valuing ourselves more. Every day we can look in the mirror and say "I am worthy." That's what we'd like to believe. But when we look deep within ourselves, we may find that it is difficult to accept this idea because we have a deep-rooted negative belief about ourselves. Even though we repeat positive affirmations, speak kindly to ourselves, and take care of ourselves, these subconscious negative beliefs can make it extremely challenging to see ourselves in a positive light. The Belief Code offers us a way to remove these subconscious beliefs, free us from inconsistent belief patterns and allow us to see things as they really are!”


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In a combined treatment, I combine all my tools individually according to the client's needs.



Avoid headaches, sleep problems and stress and get peace and balance in body and mind.

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Personal and efficient treatment - through your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

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