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Are you aware that it often is
intuition and gut feeling,
that influence the important decisions?

Get sparring to clarify yours, so you're sure which effort is the right one...

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I can advise your company when needed


Who am I?


My name is Imke Bockelmann and I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Before I moved to Denmark at the age of 25, I took an education in shipping at a traditional shipping company in Hamburg. Then I took a Cand.merc. at the business school in Hamburg (Hamburg University of Applied Science). During my studies, I came to Denmark to work - and I had to return here after finishing my studies. I loved Denmark and my intuition told me that I should live here.

Since 2000, I have worked with sales, marketing and strategy in large and medium-sized Danish companies with an international profile, i.e. I have a total of more than 25 years of professional experience on my CV. During these years it became very clear to me that the employee is the company's most important resource. No matter how excellent a product or service a company sells, a company cannot achieve the best turnover and potential if the employees in the company are not happy and motivated to come to work.

Until the year 2016, I did not realize that one day I would change professions and work professionally with the tools and skills I have used on myself since childhood. But the day I started my own training as a cranio-sacral therapist in May 2016, it soon became clear that it made more sense for me to help people on their journey through life than to deal with marketing.

Today, I use my background and my own experiences from the many years in business to be able to guide my clients even better through the challenges they bring.

The spiritual has always been a natural part of my life. I grew up with ecology, yoga, meditation, healing and cranio-sacral therapy. At 17, I got my first healer training. I used these tools in working with myself and my intuition developed more and more as I got older.


What can I do for your company?


As a spiritual business advisor in your company, I can combine my business experience with my intuition and my clairvoyant abilities. I use my holistic view of people and my spiritual tools to find out where optimization can be done in your company, so that the bottom line is improved and the company achieves a better ROI.


Areas of action


Sparring in relation to strategic decision-making processes

You often find that it is predominantly the "hard values" that are looked at by management when it comes to strategic decisions.

Example: In a larger bank, it may be decided, for example, that the employees in the department for business customer advice suddenly need to have different skills than before. The bank can, for example, demand that the employees who previously had extroverted advisory roles now suddenly also have to work a lot with data and statistics. It may look efficient on paper. But is this really a good decision? Or could the bank suddenly find that the employees become ineffective and stressed because they cannot see themselves in the new work tasks? And are there any employee profiles that contain both categories of qualifications? Otherwise, it could all look good on paper, but not actually be a beneficial strategic decision, as the employees cannot perform as desired.

This kind of restructuring happens en masse and it is important for a company to also consider the soft values.

Here I can help to see clearly the advantages and disadvantages and thereby clarify possible pitfalls that the companies can then avoid and thereby not waste time, energy and money on making wrong strategic decisions.



It is extremely important that a company can ensure "the right match" when hiring. CVs and personality tests are not always sufficient in an employment process. If you as a company have made the wrong appointment, it is expensive and time-consuming and causes unrest in the organisation. In addition, a new employee will have a bad experience if they are not the right person for the job and therefore do not feel welcome and good enough from day one.

From the employees' point of view, it can be experienced that a wrongly employed person does not have the patience to be in a - for them - wrong company. A young employee will therefore quit his job in the company relatively quickly and the recruitment will have to start all over again.


Last but not least, many companies also want to attract the best talent for their company, and here the recruitment must be in the closet, otherwise you may find that these talents are not chosen by the company due to an unprofessional recruitment process.


With my clairvoyant abilities and my understanding of energies, I can see more clearly whether a given candidate is really suitable for the job or not - and also sense whether a candidate feels safe and comfortable throughout the recruitment process.


Better composition of teams/employees in departments

It is crucial for the employee's commitment and performance that he/she feels comfortable in his/her team or department. Many factors can play a role here, both those that a company cannot influence (private challenges), but also the kind that a company can easily influence, by just having the awareness around it. By ensuring good group dynamics and a good climate in the department, the company will achieve better results.

The best example here is the individual employees' energies, which unconsciously affect the dynamics of a team/department. I look at how you can put together the right teams that perform in an efficient and happy way.


Stress management

I am able to sense if a person is feeling stressed. If you recognize signs of stress in time, you can intervene with treatment for the person concerned before he/she feels forced to call in sick with stress. In addition, I can help with the prevention of stress in your employees, support them during a possible sick leave with stress or when they are back again after the end of sick leave,

In addition, I can see and feel the employees' skills and potential, but also what is the reason why they cannot develop their full potential in the workplace. By using the various treatment tools, their blockages can be released and they can perform much better in a happier and more motivated way.


In addition to the areas mentioned above, I can also look at how your business can do

  • Improve employee well-being
    Change and improve the company culture
    Dealing with conflicts
    Retain employees
    Develop employees' skills

I advise you on the right decision
and know how wrong it can go, meeting the wrong one.

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