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Sat, 03 Jun


Klub ApS Festsalen

BodyCode Workshop - Live event with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Come and hear Dr. Bradley Nelson talk about his self-developed healing method BodyCode. Learn about this superstructure to the EMOTION CODE and learn how the BodyCode method can lift your energy. PRICE: DKK 1895 + fee TICKETS can be bought via billetto (see link at the bottom of the text)

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BodyCode Workshop - Live event with Dr. Bradley Nelson
BodyCode Workshop - Live event with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Tid & sted

03 Jun 2023, 08:30 – 16:00

Klub ApS Festsalen, Linnésgade 25, 1361 Copenhagen, Denmark

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BodyCode workshop with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Have you met Dr. Bradley Nelson's intuitive healing method The Emotion Code? In this connection, have you become aware of how stuck emotions can affect your energy? How they can give you unconscious thought and action patterns that do not benefit you and can even block you from living out your full potential?

You now have the opportunity to get to know Dr. Bradley Nelson's intuitive healing system the BodyCode.

The Body Code method builds on the Emotion Code principles that stuck emotions have a negative influence on our energy. But the BodyCode method goes so much deeper.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to understand the principles behind the BodyCode method and explain how the method is used.

At the BodyCode workshop with Dr. Bradley Nelson you get to know the six main areas, which are considered to be the main areas of possible energetic disturbances or energy imbalances in our bodies, which may be contributing factors to us becoming ill:

  • Energies
  • Circuits and systems
  • Poisons/toxins
  • Pathogens
  • Mistakes
  • Nutrition and lifestyle

The keys to the BodyCode® method lie in two important tools: Access to the subconscious' knowledge of humans, which is worked with via muscle testing, and the basic principles from the world of energy medicine.

But it is not only the physical well-being and health that we can improve by using the healing method BodyCode. Our mental blocks, negative views and other energetic ballast can also be eliminated with this intuitive healing method. Thereby, the path to freedom and success can become more accessible, creativity is boosted and the heart freed for a more loving life.

You will gain new insights about your body and your mind and after this workshop you will most likely look at your body with different eyes.

The workshop is held in English.


Price: DKK 1895 + fee

You register for the event by purchasing your ticket here:

Coffee, tea, water and fruit are included in the price. Bring your own lunch, alternatively there are many delicious places to eat in the area.

NOTE: The price is not refunded if Cancellation.


  • 7 hours 30 minutes

    Workshop BodyCode med Dr. Bradely Nelson

    Klubbens festsal

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