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Fri, 02 Jun


Klub ApS Festsalen

The Emotion Code Workshop - Live event with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Come and hear Dr. Bradley Nelson talk about his self-developed healing method THE EMOTION CODE. Gain knowledge and practical experience in how you can release stuck feelings, heart walls and inherited emotions. PRICE: DKK 1995 TICKETS: see link to tickets at the bottom of the text.

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The Emotion Code Workshop - Live event with Dr. Bradley Nelson
The Emotion Code Workshop - Live event with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Tid & sted

02 Jun 2023, 09:00 – 16:30

Klub ApS Festsalen, Linnésgade 25, 1361 Copenhagen, Denmark

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THE EMOTION CODE workshop with Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Emotion Code is an intuitive healing method developed by the American holistic chiropractor and healer Bradley Nelson. This form of healing can be used as a self-help method, which in addition to identifying and releasing emotional ballast also makes it possible to discover and remove heart walls.

Dr. For 20 years, Bradley Nelson has worked daily with clients who have sought him out due to illness, physical pain, mental imbalances such as anxiety, depression or other. In his work with the clients in his own practice, he discovered that most people carry around "emotional baggage", that is, emotionally unresolved events from the past.

This ballast from the past lies in our subconscious and haunts us in our present in the form of stuck emotions without us realizing it. The emotions settle in the subconscious and in our physical body and can create imbalance and pain, in some cases maybe even illness. The stuck feelings can also affect us both emotionally and mentally. They can become thought patterns and unconscious beliefs that influence our conscious thoughts and the choices we make throughout life. From there, the degree of success, prosperity and abundance in our lives can be affected. Last but not least, this healing method can also identify any stuck emotional energies that have gathered around the heart and from there affect our ability to give and receive love.

Dr. In his lecture, Bradley Nelson will talk about his effective and gentle method for releasing the emotional energies that have become stuck in the body and mind. He will explain the basis of the method and demonstrate how the method is used. You will get a good overview of the self-help method, which anyone can easily learn to use, you will learn about how Dr. Bradley Nelson uses muscle testing to connect with the subconscious and how this contact step by step guides you to identify the blockages. Finally, you will learn how to let go, so that there is room for new, positive life energy and thereby healing of body and mind. Dr. Bradley Nelson will present interesting cases but also demonstrate live how he works. There will be time for you to practice both muscle testing and identification as well as releasing stuck emotions.

This workshop is both for you as a therapist, but also for you who are interested in learning a healing method that gives you the opportunity to let go of the past yourself, so that you can more easily create a better future for yourself.

On the day you will

  • Learn to activate your body's natural ability to reduce feelings of anxiety, sadness, physical discomfort, etc
  • Gain confidence in being able to see through your subconscious mind's answers to questions about your health by using muscle testing.
  • Get the knowledge and practical experience you need to release stuck emotions, heart walls and inherited stuck emotions.
  • Discover how to easily release negative energy in minutes.

Time for exercises

There will be breaks included, so you will have the opportunity to practice what you learn. In this way, you best achieve the possibility of success with muscle testing and finding and releasing "trapped emotions".

6 hours of instruction

There is a total of 6 hours of instruction/teaching. There is a lunch break and time to actively practice the skills you learn.

Live demo

Dr. Brad will demonstrate the Emotion Code through live energy healings with volunteers in the audience.

The workshop is held in English.


You register for the event by purchasing your ticket here:

Coffee, tea, water and fruit are included in the price. Bring your own lunch, alternatively there are many delicious places to eat in the area.

NOTE: The price is not refunded if cancellation on your part.


  • 7 hours 30 minutes

    Workshop Emotionskoden med Dr. Bradely Nelson

    Klubbens festsal

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