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Reiki healing


What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that can also promote healing of the body. The word Reiki is formed from two Japanese words - Rei, which means "God's wisdom or the higher power" and Ki, which is "life force energy". So Reiki can be described as "spiritually guided life force energy".

Healing with Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and/or pain relief that anyone can use, adults as well as children.

Imagine that your computer was never updated, cleaned or reinstalled... Would you put that strain on your body?

What does this mean in practice?

I have experienced the same with several of the clients I have treated with Reiki healing. When you have been stressed for a long time, energy blockages may have occurred in the body, which no longer allow the energy to flow appropriately. You become tired, heavy and sad - and feel that you lack energy.

Reiki healing helps restore the body's energy system and thus remedy many physical and psychological imbalances. You can say that Reiki healing helps you to re-establish "order" in your energies. A bit like when the computer gets rid of all the unnecessary things that take up space on the hard drive. After such a cleaning, the entire system works better.

​In addition, Reiki healing can help loosen up the consequences of difficult situations that you may be exposed to in the course of life. Situations where you feel like "the carpet is being pulled out from under you" - for example after a dismissal, a divorce or a death.

Reiki healing can also help to release old patterns and thus give the client deeper insight into himself and renewed energy.

​How does a treatment with Reiki healing take place?

A Reiki treatment usually begins with a conversation about the client's problem. We find out together how and where in the body the client feels the imbalance. Then the client lies down on the table and I start the healing by placing my hands on the client's body. The client is fully clothed during the session. I have different Reiki healing techniques I use, depending on whether the energy needs to be balanced, increased, imbalances released or pain relieved. The client's 7 chakras are usually involved in the healing process.

In this way we increase the invisible life force energy that flows through all of us and keeps us alive. It can be said that if the client's life force energy is low, the client is more likely to feel stressed or get sick more easily and more often. If, on the other hand, the vital energy is high, it results in a happier state of mind and better health.​

Reiki healing always has a beneficial effect on our mood and health. It also works in conjunction with medical or therapeutic techniques to alleviate side effects and promote recovery. Here in my clinic I combine Reiki healing with cranio-sacral therapy or clairvoyance to great effect.

A treatment with Reiki healing is very stress-relieving and relaxing for both body and mind. Depending on the problem the client brings up, it may happen that you feel tired in the hours after a treatment. I recommend that you drink plenty of water after a treatment, to cleanse the body of waste substances that may have been released during the treatment.


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In a combined treatment, I combine all my tools individually according to the client's needs.



Avoid headaches, sleep problems and stress and get peace and balance in body and mind.



Get help to get an overview of your situation and inspiration for possible solutions.



Release old thought patterns, beliefs and unconscious programming - and feel freer and happier.

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Personal and efficient treatment - through your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Are you in need of an answer here and now to an important question in your life, in relation to a challenge you are facing?

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