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A greeting from the other world

An account of how healing contact with the deceased can be

Last week I was once again shown how fantastic a sitting with deceased contact can be. However, that was not the intention - that is, originally.

I had a booking for a treatment with craniosacral therapy.

An older lady, unknown to me, came through the door, and we had the initial conversation about her physical imbalances. She wanted to loosen up her neck and shoulders, which were extremely tense.

The dear lady laid down on the couch and I just as quietly set about treating her with craniosacral therapy.

I worked in silence, but suddenly I came to say out loud that I saw a man by her side. The man said he was her husband.

It happens once in a while that I get in touch with the other side, even though I haven't specifically tuned in to it. From experience, I know that it is important to pass on what I see and hear to the client, even if it was not originally intended.

It is the case that as a medium you cannot call the dear spirits as you wish, but that they come to me when they have time and desire - and to the extent that they have something important to say.

Then a deceased soul comes through in a situation where it was not planned for, I know it is important. So I always say "yes" to the spiritual world using me as their channel. I have experienced several times how great an effect this kind of "meeting" can have on the client I am sitting with. And once again, it turned out to be the right thing to do.

The man here didn't show me every possible detail of their life to begin with, but pretty quickly came up with a message for my client. The message simply read "Do you want to tell my wife that I still love her and always have" .

For people who do not believe in life after death and the spiritual world, it can be a bit provocative "just" to hear a message that reads "I have loved you and still do" - because they think that anyone can yes say.

So I anxiously waited to see the woman's reaction. Would she be able to understand it? Did it have a special meaning for her - when to others it might sound a bit banal?

But she could understand the message – of course she could!

However, I only got confirmation of this at the end of our session.

First came the towers. At the same time, more "evidence" came to light that he was her late husband. As we worked further with the craniosacral therapy, I was shown many more images that she could recognize.

Her tears were just as quietly replaced by a small smile, which grew larger the more I could pass on from her husband to her.

When the treatment ended, she told me the story…

- About how she and her husband had gotten to know each other.

That they didn't actually know each other when they got married, that they had only seen each other very briefly in a restaurant.

After this brief encounter, the man had told the restaurant's owner that he wanted to marry this woman. Even though she was pregnant with another man's child.

And shortly after, he called her and proposed. They married shortly before the child was born and had a good life together.

The woman said that deep down she had always had a tiny little doubt about how great the man's love really was for her, as this story of their meeting and wedding seemed to her something different and almost too good to be true.

She often thought about it, even though her husband died several years ago. She still misses him to this day.

So the simple message from her husband made so much sense to her.

In addition, it gave the woman an assurance that it was true love - at first sight and throughout their lives.


I have subsequently spoken to a couple of her family members, both the daughter and the granddaughter.

They told me what a healing experience it was for the lovely elderly lady - to hear from her husband.

She seemed to her family as if she had become 10 years younger and happier – happy to the core.

I thrive on these kinds of experiences - for a long time. I have to say that it is one of the most rewarding things in my job - being able to make people happy and make them lift up in their energy.

I am grateful that I have learned to connect with the other side, and I can only encourage anyone who feels a desire for such an experience to try it.

I am always happy to make myself available as a channel for the spiritual and the physical world.

Do you want to try to connect with a loved one on the other side?

Then you are welcome to book in a Clairvoyance via the online booking.

You just have to write "Deceased contact" in the message field in your booking.

I will look forward to seeing who gets through to you.

Energy greetings from


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