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How can a company save time and money on wrong recruitment?

Are you familiar with that?

Your company needs to hire a new employee. You start the recruitment, select some candidates, they come to job interviews, do a personality test and finally it is decided to hire one of the applicants - all based on the interviews and the test results.

The person starts and a few months pass... and then it suddenly becomes clear that the chosen candidate is not suitable for the job or the company after all.

The reasons can be many

It may be that the questions you asked at the interview were not specific enough.

That the personality test did not give a completely authentic result, or that you have simply overlooked a trait in the selected candidate that does not quite match the company's culture and/or energy.

Then an expensive process starts: the employee must be dismissed, and a new recruit must be recruited. This in itself takes time and costs money. In the meantime, there are tasks that will remain or that must be distributed among the existing employees, who probably already have enough to look after.

In addition, it will give the new employee a bad experience, and this can lead to a bad reputation around the company, which can spread in the market.

The other way round, it can also happen that a new employee discovers that he or she cannot fulfill his or her expectations regarding the company and the job and therefore resigns of his own accord. The young generation in particular does not have the patience to be in the wrong company and will – instead of giving it a chance – quickly move on. Here, too, a new recruitment process must be initiated, which takes time and is expensive for the company.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the company secures the right match - and that the company also makes an effort to ensure that the new employees feel safe and comfortable from day one.

An additional factor for recruitment purposes is that some companies want to attract the best talent. To be able to do this, recruitment must be right in the closet from the start.

I can help your company find the right candidates, at all levels in the company's hierarchy.

With my intuition and my clairvoyance around people, I can quickly sense whether the candidates are suitable for the positions and whether they will feel comfortable in the company. I can do this by participating in the employment interviews or simply by having a conversation about the candidates that the company has selected.

Here, however, it is important to say that the ethics and morals of clairvoyants forbid me to tune in to a person who has not given his direct commitment to this. But I can always feel through the company's energy whether the selected candidates would be a good match.

Are you interested in hearing exactly how I can help your company with the recruitment work, so that you can save time and money and at the same time ensure that the entire employment process is a good experience for everyone involved?

Contact me on phone 20402008 or email

All companies and their employees are unique and I tailor individual courses for my clients.


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