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How can you increase the company's ROI by promoting employees' mental health?

You probably know it well:

The well-being of your employees can have a decisive impact on how your company's bottom line looks.

Of course, a lot of intermediate calculations are needed to be able to come up with a concrete figure.

But we all know this: if we have employees whose mental health is lagging, they will automatically be unable to perform at their best. Maybe they even have to call in sick with stress for a period of time.

If a company, on the other hand, has mentally healthy and strong employees, they can easily manage to take on larger tasks and ensure a larger turnover. This does not only apply to sales companies, but just as much to service and production companies as well as the public sector.

What is mental health?

The National Board of Health defines mental health as the following:

"Mental health is a state of well-being where the individual can develop his abilities, deal with everyday challenges and stress and enter into communities with other people. Mental health is therefore not only the absence of mental illness, but also consists of psychological resources and abilities which are necessary to be able to develop and cope with the challenges that arise in all people's lives.”

If the employees' mental health is not in order, as an employer you risk that the employees will be more quickly affected by professional and interpersonal challenges - both at the workplace but also in private life. This can lead to reduced efficiency and/or part-time and full-time sick leave with stress.

These sick leave costs companies dearly. Firstly, because there are tasks that are not carried out. In addition, a substitute must be found for the sick person - or the tasks must be distributed among the other colleagues, who may already have plenty to look after. This costs the company dearly in kroner and øre. In addition, sick leave can also pose challenges in terms of knowledge. The employees are often decisive carriers of knowledge in the companies. If these knowledge carriers fall away for a period of time due to stress, there is a risk that it may affect the quality of the company's products. This applies to all kinds of companies, regardless of whether they are trading, manufacturing or service companies.

By offering your employees tailored solutions where they can focus on increasing their mental health, your company can actively prevent having to deal with "downtime" in the processes due to the employees' mental imbalances.

Using tools such as my intuition, talk therapy and cranio-sacral therapy, I can help your company increase the mental health of your employees.

If you want to get information about specific measures, contact me on phone 20 40 20 08 or email .

All companies and their employees are unique and I tailor individual courses for my clients.


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