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When an old pub needs to be transformed into a modern cultural center...

Bad energy blocks efficiency in the workplace

I was on the coolest business assignment yesterday.

I had to cleanse an old tavern of bad energies.

What good is it going to do, you think?

Quite simply: 2 years ago one of my clients bought an old pub somewhere in the middle of Zealand. The pub has existed since the 1950s and you could say that it is quite well established in the city. The owner turned the pub into a bar, but then Corona came and shut the place down. As the reopening dragged on, new ideas emerged.

The idea is now that the dear owner would like to transform the old pub into a modern cultural center. A place where you can hear live music, lectures, take part in political debates, but also a cozy place where you can rent for company events, Christmas lunches or where you can just come and eat the dish of the day and play a game of backgammon or the like.

It sounds like a clear plan that should easily be implemented. A little renovation, a little new furniture, good marketing, then it should be at home, you think.

But what if the energies in the old tavern are so strong that they actually block the owner from taking action? If the heavy energies create a feeling of not really being able to get started?

Fortunately, the owner himself is familiar with how the energies of our surroundings can affect us in our daily lives. So I was invited out to look at what really made the energy of the place seem so heavy.

As soon as I arrived at the back door of the bar I could sense an old energy. It spoke its own language: there was simply so much unstructuredness in the whole house that it felt as if you could only run around yourself and not accomplish anything constructive at all.

The bar's owner completely agreed. He feels a blockage, a feeling that all his vigor and efficiency are waning just as quietly when he is at work.

It quickly became clear that it has to do with all the energy crops that are in the pub. The energy bears the mark of alcoholism and the heavy energy that often comes with it, from fights, rooms that were sometimes rented out by the hour, lack of structure and from old deceased owners who, although they have long since passed on, still come and "hang out" because they do not want the modern changes to be established in THEIR company.

It is of course not possible to completely clean a place like this - and probably not necessary either, as some of the energies also contribute to the place's charm. BUT: the heaviest energies must be cleaned out, so that the owner feels that he can breathe freely in his future cultural center - and so that the customers are attracted by a cozy and bright atmosphere.

We spent two and a half hours marking and cleaning. The kitchen, the warehouse and the office were given a proper treatment. At once we could feel the energy lift. The owner was now able to pick up boxes and large sacks and get to work cleaning up and throwing away. Suddenly it became easy and effortless to move around the house.

There is still a lot of clean-up work ahead - both physically and energetically. But the start has been made and I am 100% sure that the bar will soon shine in a new light and delicious light and will form the framework for many really successful events.

Do you need an energy check in your company? Then finally contact me on phone 20402008 or email for a non-binding consultation.

I look forward to many more tasks of this kind in the future.


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