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Are you standing in your own way?

Perhaps you have destructive patterns, beliefs and ways of thinking that you are not aware of - and which make your life incredibly difficult. We can change that immediately...

"How? - Can my thoughts have such a big impact on a person that it is worth writing about?, you might think.

Yes - because these patterns, beliefs and thought patterns can wreak havoc in our system without us noticing.

It can be compared somewhat to the tip of the iceberg

In our consciousness, we feel only the tip of the imbalances, caused by our unconscious thought forms, patterns and beliefs.

But beneath the surface, they take up a lot of space. And they keep our energy from flowing easily and effortlessly through our body and mind.

It can result in many physical imbalances, e.g. chronic tension, poor immune system, connective tissue diseases etc.

Where do thought forms etc. from, why are they in our system – and how can we get rid of them?

Read along in this story about a client who was influenced by unconscious thought forms and patterns. She had so much sadness in her life...

The example can make it more clear how we are affected and what we can do to let go of what weighs us down and thus experience healing.

Julie (the name has been changed for the sake of the client) is XX years old.

She has a good job, earns good money, has a wonderful family.

Everything seems to be perfect.

But as the years go by, she becomes more and more aware that she feels pressured.

Julie often gets sad when she is at work. She can't really put her finger on what's wrong, but somehow she feels left out and unappreciated .

Neither as an employee, a colleague, nor actually at home with the husband and children.

She has lots of good ideas, both work-related and in private life, but there is rarely anyone who "buys" them. She decides to go to therapy in order not to get more upset and thus risk depression or stress.

Julie comes for treatment with me and we use clairvoyance to gain insight and clarity into her past.

It quickly turns out that there are quite a few unpleasant experiences in her childhood.

Using clairvoyance, I find out what unconscious feelings these experiences have given her. These are feelings such as inadequacy, ungiftedness, shame, sadness, frustration and worthlessness.

All this is "buried" in Julie.

Consciousness has long since let go of the emotions, and they are thus no longer visible to Julie.

But they are there. Unconscious and smoldering.

Every time something happens that reminds the subconscious a bit of one of the situations that Julie experienced as a child, her system begins to react.

She is e.g. to a meeting with the boss and presents results from a sales campaign. The campaign has gone quite well.

Still, the boss can't bring himself to say a few words of praise to Julie about her efforts and success with the campaign.

However, the reason for the boss's lack of response is not due to Julie, but to a disagreement in the management group.

Therefore, the boss is absent and does not have the energy to be empathetic.

He generally has that quite rarely.

Julie leaves the meeting with a knot in her stomach. She gets upset and feels inadequate, ungifted, worthless, criticized, unrecognized.

Like so many other days, she leaves the workplace with a pounding headache and a feeling of not having enough money for her family.

Is it the work's fault? Is it the boss's fault? Is it Julie's fault?


It is purely old thought forms and beliefs that keep Julie down in her unconscious system.

The campaign has gone brilliantly, the boss just had a bad day. So actually everything is ok.

But with the subconscious programming about i.a. being worthless, ungifted and inadequate makes Julie insecure and as a result begins to tense up her shoulders and neck, eventually giving her a terrible headache.

Together, Julie and I worked with her old beliefs.

After finding them we were able to redeem them.

Thus they lost their negative grip on Julie. The result is nothing short of fantastic:

The headache is largely gone. It only comes in very rare cases.

And then it is relatively easy for Julie to go inside and find out what triggered it.

She feels much more recognized and at ease when she is at work.

Thanks to the release of her energy blockages.

See Julie's statement about the process with me:

"Dear Imke,

I just want to write you a little greeting and thank you for everything you have given me.

I have gained so much understanding of my family, family relationships and all the unconscious in them.

I have re-established contact and love for myself by opening up to all the things that have been difficult and then getting the old patterns released.

My heart is full of gratitude for meeting you and you are at the top of my list of all the good things in 2019 :-) "

Do you have situations that leave you in fear, leave you sad and cause tension in your body?

So you might want to investigate which unconscious thought forms, patterns and beliefs may be the cause?

Often it turns out that these are not the client's own blockages at all, but family blockages which have been unconsciously passed on from generation to generation.

Become a trailblazer. I promise you it's a huge release.

Yes, it requires effort and costs time, energy and money.

But perhaps this investment has paid off fantastically in the big picture,

because it enables you to enjoy the rest of your life so much more.

It can give you freedom and balance.

Contact me today, and together we can look at how a process could look like for you.

I wish you a day full of energy :)


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