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What the accidental brought…

A random holiday in January 2019 at a random hotel on a random island in the Cape Verde Islands, a random morning at a random table in the hotel's main restaurant...

And what came of it…

... or

Does the Law of Attraction Work - Do I Trust Myself?

I have always talked to the universe about what I want to attract.

Already as a little girl, I could spend hours looking in order catalogues, ticking off what I wanted and then on my heart.

For hours.

You didn't have an online shopping basket back then, since online shopping hadn't been invented.

Did I get any of what I pointed out? Not really. But never mind, the game was fun - and all that stuff wasn't really important anyway.

As an adult, I have continued to play that game. In slightly different ways and with slightly different objects. And with a different consciousness.

So what does the holiday in January have to do with the holiday I have just returned from, here 10 months later?

Yes - actually a lot.

But I want to start by telling about an episode, back in 2015.

There I was, once again, on Reiki training (I think it was Reiki 2).

After a meditation where we had to look for what we should use our Reiki journey for, I said to the room: "may I say that I have seen that I have to inspire and heal?

In other words, people who want in their hearts to be inspired and healed?”

It was wildly transgressive to ask.

Because why should I be able to inspire and heal others?

And with what?

What did I imagine?

I had a chat with my lovely friend Gitte about it during the break, after the meditation.

She confirmed me.

Without a doubt.

I had to inspire and heal - those who wanted it.

So I decided to, quietly, take it in, and the more I got into my Reiki development, the more I could see that this was how I was supposed to work.

I have since attracted the skills to several exciting and new ways of working

In 2018 I continued my work on attracting. Inspired by Rikke Rasmussen's experiences out in the big world, as well as by all the new doors that opened for me during the clairvoyance training in 2018, I wanted to attract an experience in my spare time where spirit taps me on the shoulder and makes me act.

That is, by healing a random person - in a random place, without it being planned

- but because this dear person really needs it, is open to it and feels grateful for it.

I then had that experience here at Boa Vista in January 2019. And it was COMPLETELY and absolutely a fantastic experience. I'm still high on it! And that experience showed me SO much once again that the law of attraction works.

Everything turned out as I had dreamed.

But actually the story is not over yet. And it gets better and better - I think.

Because now we are here again. At Boa Vista - and so is the sweet waiter.

We have written together throughout the months, but only a "I'm thinking of you" greeting - nothing else.

As soon as we enter the breakfast room, they are there again.

My antennas, our waves - which meet. I hadn't run up the energy like I usually do.

Was really just tired after a long day of travel and a few busy weeks and therefore completely in my own energy.

But it was as if someone pushed a button.

Suddenly the connection was there.

I felt a bit of pain in my jaw, but far from how it was in January. And a headache.

In the forehead. Much.

The restaurant was busy, so we only had time to say hello and ask how things were going. I was briefly asked about the jaw and we agreed that I could just do magic with it.

Later we wrote together about his headache and agreed on remote healing and remote cranio-sacral therapy.

(Remote craniosacral therapy I learned recently and will probably write more about it one day.)

As said - so done. And the next day I got the message:

“no more headache - thank you”

It was absolutely fantastic.

We are still not quite done with our work.

I don't really know right now when or how to attack it.

But I don't worry! I enjoy flowing with the energy and continue to talk to myself about the law of attraction.

Then it will probably come.

And maybe an opportunity will suddenly come up?

It is not known. Maybe the universe's plan is different. But until then, I go and talk to the universe that I would like to be available should I be needed again.

Need to inspire and need to heal 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

And last but not least, I enjoy having met a person as "our" servant.

All the (far too short) talks, that closeness.

An inspiring and loving person who does both Dennis and me good in many ways and confirms us once again in the conviction of:



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